Ear Candle Instructions

We get a lot of emails asking us what the best way to do ear candling is. We put these directions together based on years of experience and consulting with other practitioners on what ear candling procedure they use. We hope this is helpful and we tried to make the ear candling instructions as easy to understand as possible. If you have any feedback we are always open to hearing your ear candling procedures and would love to hear from you on our ear candling comments & reviews page.

Things You'll Need:

Ear Wax Removal

  • Pie tin or paper plate
  • Bowl of water
  • Dampened cloth
  • Ear candles
  • Lighter
  • One assistant


Before beginning you should follow basic sanitary practices by washing your hands and cleaning your ears with an ear wipe or moist cloth.

First, have the person performing the candling cover the head, hair, shoulders, and upper torso with a damp towel to protect against flame or any ashes that may fall during the process. You should sit upright to help avoid falling ashes as well.

Gently rub with a circular motion just below the patient's ear behind the jaw bone, the temples and scalp for at least 30 seconds to open up circulation in the ear and facial areas.

Take the paper plate or pie tin and place a small hole in its center. Place the plate with the hole over your ear.

Put the tapered end of the candle into the hole in the plate and near the ear canal. Be sure the candle is in a horizontal position at about a 30 degree angel if sitting.

Light the large end of the candle with a lighter. A small amount of smoke will flow down candle into ear.

Trim candle every 2" into the bowl of water. It is ok to remove the candle from the ear for trimming.

Let the candle burn until it has reached about 4 inches from your ear. Do not let it burn any shorter, so that you avoid getting burned.

If you are using a quality candle it should have a "Stop Burn" line

Have the person performing the ear candling extinguish the candle completely when done by putting it into a bowl of water. Do not blow it out.

You may use 1-4 candles per ear. Repeat the previous steps for the other ear.

Afterwards you should clean the area again with an ear wipe to remove any residue from the outer ear.

Ear candling is an experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends!

Do not use an ear oil within the first 72hrs after a treatment because this may cause the wax to clump and create a blockage and defeat the purpose of performing a treatment.

If you believe you have a serious problem with your ears you should consult a doctor, ear candling is not a medical procedure.